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Track: A Deserted Story Adam's Endless Fidelity To The Iblis
Artist: Vatican Shadow / Contrepoison
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I knew he didn’t love me, but I adored him anyway.
— Patti Smith (via jamstains)
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Instead of sleeping, I kinda downloaded all these cool new bands from around the world from this cool website that shows new bands albums etc. 

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#music snob lol

dassentbreathe replied to your post: Theres this cool new hc punk band that…

Who u talkin bout

some band called Sadist 

Theres this cool new hc punk band thats cool and they seem edgy enough for people on here to love. The band name alone just makes them too edgy hahaha “edgy” “sexual” “raw” lmao

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Like a “que” in spanish? I’m sorry, it’s kinda hard to find the words when I literally have to think with two different pronunciations. So it would be like “Lo que sucedió…” right? Thanks.

yes, like que in spanish lol “lo-keh” whatever lol 

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