YOU GUYS. I moved to LA just as quarrygirl left it, and that is very fucking sad. Come drown all the sorrows with me at the echo park vegan pizza crawl, where we will eat pizza until we sob.

heads up!! the echo park vegan pizza crawl is coming back this year on june 29th for vegan pizza day. don’t miss it!! same deal as time: there will be deals and specials at all your favorite echo park pizza spots including mohawk bend, masa, two boots, sunset beer co, and los angeles pizza company. join the facebook event here, and check out specifics after the jump ——->

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Echo Park Vegan Pizza Crawl? More like music to our ears. 

hell yeaa

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    Hit and quit it people. Delicious, delicious vegan pizza. Not really healthy for you, but you’ll walk it off!
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    Omg what an awesome thing to come back to. Nomnomnom
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    This is why I need to move to California
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    bUuut i wOn’t beeEee :D
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    hell yeaa
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